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Walks in Boston with Mary Lee Cox

 Go walking! Unexpected history and the women who made it are waiting!

You have reached information and maps for a series of easy self-guided walks in Boston, plus one walk in Cambridge, that commemorate women.  The emphasis is not on "feminist history" specifically.  Artists, scientists, philanthropists and social reformers are remembered Bostonians, as well as anti-feminists and suffragists.

Boston is a walkers' city.  It is one of the oldest cities on the American continent, and much of its history is still visible: architecture, street patterns, places with literary and political associations, and the occasional plaque commemorating a person or a site.

Find further information in the Introduction..

Go to The Boston and Cambridge Walks , click on the area of the city you want to explore, read about the women to meet on that walk, print the directions, and go walking.

 The Thanks Be To . . . page acknowledges all the help it took to get this project up and running, especially the Thanks Be To Grandmother Winifred Foundation.

If you would like to know more about the history made by Boston and Cambridge women,  there is a bibliography: Further Reading About Boston and Cambridge Women.

There is also Something About theTour Guide

Email me at -these  walks are a work in progress,  under frequent revision and additions, and I'd like to have your comments.