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Walkers Rest on Beacon Hill

Boston Women Remembered

The Thanks Be To ... Page

The Thanks Be To Grandmother Winifred Foundation

This extraordinary foundation gave me funds to publish a print-and-paper book of walking and driving tours.  My proposal foresaw a local published guidebook.  Five years later, their inspiration and impetus results in my tours researched, written, and up on the World Wide Web.

Cynthia Cox

For her unerring sense of color, proportion, and design, for her extraordinary eye, her editing skills, and her Zing!  She worked on the design of  these pages, did the maps, consulted on copy, walked, talked, and provided loving support.

Will Holton and his Discovering Boston Walking Tours

 As a guide for Will, I led groups of all ages and from all parts of the world, interpreting Boston and learning more myself on every excursion.  Will promoted the first of my  “women’s tours” with alumnae groups from Northeastern and Boston University.

The Members of My Classes at Harvard Institute
for Learning in Retirement

Thanks for their scholarly and creative research, now appearing throughout the written materials, and for their enthusiasm and their staying power through rough weather and rougher sidewalks.

My Children
They have walked with me for nearly five decades.
They have asked, pointed, trudged, skipped, climbed.
They have held my hand whether I thought I needed theirs or not.
And I always needed theirs.

The Libraries of Boston and Cambridge
Wendy Thomas at the Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe
The Boston Athenaeum
The Boston :Public Library
The Cambridge Public Library