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(Map of Boston under construction)

Foremothers GO!
    This is a six block walk in the heart of the city, about an hour long.  It holds the stories of Boston women whose lives span three centuries and whose  fates varied from international fame as a hostess to exile and execution.

Beacon Hill Part I GO!                     Beacon Hill Part II  GO!
    A very hilly and very rewarding walk, divided into two parts ~ each takes about an hour.  The streetscape is charming and there are opportunities to stop and rest.  Women on this walk upset the status quo often between 1800 and 1959.  They worked for the abolition of slavery and after the Civil War turned their efforts toward education, health care, child welfare, and votes for women.

Back Bay  GO!
    Once salt marsh partially under water, this area is both residential neighborhood, with blocks of Victorian town houses, and vital commercial center.  This is an easy walk of an hour and a half,, and can be interrupted for rest and refreshment often along the way.  Women to meet on this walk took advantage of the new land and new opportunities and include a composer of symphonies, the founder of ecology as a field of study, and the woman behind Kahlil Gibran and "The Prophet."

The North End GO!
    Boston's oldest neighborhood, colorful and full of history.  The women on this walk include a seventeenth century travel writer and the mother of a dynasty.  There is still a strong Italian presence and great places to rest and eat.

Cambridge GO!
    This walk takes an  hour and a half, beginning in Harvard Square.  America's first published poet (1650), the women of Radcliffe, and a sculptor are among the women to meet.